Magic : Definition and Explanation.

Magic, including the arts of prestidigitation and conjuring, is the art of entertaining an audience by performing illusions that baffle and amaze, often by giving the impression that something impossible has been achieved, almost as if the performer had magic or supernatural powers. Yet, this illusion of magic is created entirely by natural means.

The practitioners of this mystery art may be called magicians, conjurors, illusionists or prestidigitators. Artists in other media such as theatre, cinema, dance and the visual arts increasingly work using similar means but regard their magical techniques as of secondary importance to the goal of creating a complex cultural performance.


Different Types of Magic Shows

There are several different factors to consider when deciding what type of Magic Show will best suite your situation. Joe Jesse is a professional entertainer suited for all types of situations. In the next few paragraphs you will learn more about magic, and the different types of Magical Performances. Each one is time tested and audience approved.

Walk Around - Close Up Magic

Walk Around - Close Up Magic is the most intimate type of magic. This is usually Pure Slight of Hand and takes years of practice. Joe Jesse takes Close Up Magic to a whole other level. This is a great way to entertain a large group of people. Joe does several small performances for groups of 20-50 people at a time.

Stand Up Magic

Stand Up Magic is a great way to have Joe Jesse entertain while having a crowd of people gathered around. This type of Magic Show is great for big crowds and audiences. Joe Jesse uses Comedy and Magic to keep people wanting more. Joe uses some of his most comical material. This type of Magic is usually considered a small stage show.

Stage Magic and Illusion Show

This is the Magic Show your friends, clients, relatives and everyone else will be talking about for Years. Joe Jesse along with his lovely assistant Nikki perform Whimsical Mysteries right before your very eyes. There are several different full scale Magic Shows available.